What is CLIC Club Zoo Challenge?

What is the CLIC Club / Dallas Zoo Challenge? 

CLIC Club members who participate in the Dallas Zoo Challenge have a unique opportunity to build  a QR-powered mobile application that Zoo visitors can access on the sign for "Protecting the 12" -  the Dallas Zoo's 1st ever comprehensive conservation initiative. Ben Jones, Senior Director of the Dallas Zoo, says "It's hard to believe, but we are losing these species at a rate of 1000 times the natural rate." Over the next 12 years, "Protecting the 12" initiative is making a bold investment in 12 wildlife conservation priorities.


This  2019/20 school year, Uplift Education / Williams CLIC Club members are taking the Dallas Zoo Challenge to create mobile apps that raise awareness of the 12 wildlife species that are targeted in the zoo's initiative and present impactful action plans that save them. CLIC Club members meet weekly with CodeStream Instructors to develop and build their app projects. Members visit the Dallas Zoo a total of 5 times throughout the school year to research and develop their ideation and creative processes.


This summer, Dallas Zoo visitors will enjoy the apps created by CLIC Club members by swiping their posted QR codes with their phones to view a unique interactive experience with Augmented Reality (AR), created by CLIC Club members.


We invite you to visit "Protecting the 12"animal venues to enjoy this year's CLIC Club  member's App/ QR Code projects this summer at the Dallas Zoo!

Interested in entering your class or club for the 2020/21 school year competition?

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